Saturday, January 6, 2018

Book Reviews: The Loose End Series by Tesa Erven

Book Overview

Renee Lawson is a young, vibrant, beautiful woman who fell in love with one of Oakland’s finest, and of all things, a married man. For her twenty-fifth birthday, he surprises her with a romantic getaway. He planned to make it a weekend she’d never forget. And indeed it was, until a few weeks later, her phone calls and text messages stopped being answered or responded to. He had gone on vacation with his family, but he’d always found time to communicate with her in the past. Still confused by her lover’s disappearance, Renee attends an event with her best friend, Sabrina. There they meet California native Bradsen Myers, a single, handsome, respected attorney. And he’s definitely interested in Renee. While Bradsen feels it's love at first sight, she pushes him away. After returning home from the event, desperation sets in. During her weeks of worry, Renee has a chance encounter with Bradsen. She feels an attraction but is conflicted. How can she start to build a connection with him when her secret love has vanished without a trace? Was he injured? Was he murdered? Where was he?

Book Review

This story had me hooked to the characters  Renee, Sabrina, Kayron, and the chocolate twins Bradsen & Jacksen unravel a plot that will keep you turning pages. I could not put the book down until I finished. I drew my imagination into the story and I found myself picking sides and getting mad at Renee at times but then I found myself cheering for her.

I enjoyed how descriptive the author was to give her readers a visual as if they were standing in the room.  When she first opens up the story with Renee & Kayron one will find themselves smiling.  As you read on, you can imagine the characters and their action as if you are watching a movie.  A four year love affair that has an abrupt halt.  I found myself cheering for Bradsen to be with Renee who were my favorite characters along with Sabina.  

After the story unfolds and rattles you, readers can walk away with some life lessons and nuggets of wisdom to live by.  It's a story that can actually happen that allows you as a reader to relate to and even have sympathy for.  The ending had me shocked, nice twist Tesa.  I can't wait to read the next book in the series Threads That Mend to see what happens with my favorite characters Renee, Bradsen, and Sabrina.   

About The Author
Tesa Erven rocks the pen when it comes to writing contemporary romance fiction. Bursting onto the publishing scene in 2015, she has already captured a large reading audience with her four-book "The Loose End" series. Tesa's hectic life as a wife and mother of two children, while holding down a full-time job, is the steam that pushes her to create a private world of her own. This realm of unique, real and dramatic love stories is filled with suspense and riddled with plot twists. Escape into the world of this New Jersey romantic that will keep you intrigued and pondering what the next page will bring.

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