Friday, December 29, 2017

Book Review-Yesterday was a Long Time Ago by Selena Haskin

Book Synopsis:

Southern gal, Germaine Landry wants to become a writer in the big city of Washington, DC. She meets a privileged heartthrob and college football player, Angelo Pearson, who is used to having anything and every girl he wants. A loner by nature, Germaine is not easily impressed with Angelo's bravado, but he eventually charms his way into her heart. This pair of opposites attract develops a friendship that catches fire. Their love is seemingly shatterproof until a malicious scheme leads them down a dark path that could end tragically. Twenty years later, thoughts of yesterday still haunt Germaine, until an unexpected encounter leads her to the pearls of truth. Germaine just may have a second chance at love or finally free herself from the memories of a long time ago.


I fell in love with this story of true love finding its way back to each other. The author did an amazing job capturing my emotions throughout the journey with Germaine, Angelo, and Lisa. There were times I was sitting here smiling, crying, and laughing. My favorite character in the story was Germaine Laundry and my least two favorites in the story were Angelo and Donna.  Angelo redeemed himself as the story unwind but Donna was the typical vixen in the story that you wish something bad would happen to her.  You know the saying, you reap what you sew.  

The plot twists in this story Yesterday Was A Long Time Ago made you eager to keep reading wanting to know what happened next. This storyline has a few hidden gems of wisdom and nuggets one could take away with them in real life situations. At the end of the day, trust your heart and trust the love of true unconditional love. This was a beautiful love story that had a beautiful happy ending. Great job Selena you have a new fan of your work. The writing style was perfect... I visualized the characters as I read through the story.

About the Author

Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian whose love for reading and writing started at the tender age of nine. Selena’s greatest loves are God and family and she uses both as the central theme in all of her books. By writing in various genres, particularly, historical fiction, family saga, and romance, Selena’s stories cross the generation lines and bridges the gaps between modern and contemporary fiction. Following the paths of legendary authors who came before her, Selena simply wants to write "good memorable stories that reflect a moral message."

For more about Selena, please visit:
Twitter & Instagram: @booksbyselena
Facebook: @AuthorSelenaHaskins

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